“What does Christianity look like
in a culture that kills its children?”



This is a question that drives every abolitionist.  What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in a world that murders millions of children every year?  The Abolitionist Society of Philadelphia attempts to answer this question in the following ways:


If you are facing the temptation of abortion, we want to be there to help you through this difficult time, both spiritually and practically.  Abortion is sin; it is murdering another human and image-bearer of God, and we want to help you make a choice that you won’t regret both now and in eternity.  Learn more

If you’ve have had an abortion, know that there is forgiveness and redemption in Jesus Christ, and in Him alone.  There is no sin that is too great for Him to heal; let us help you find the rest that comes from trusting Jesus.  Learn more


The culture in which we live is largely misinformed, apathetic and/or antagonistic about the abortion holocaust taking place in our world.  Like the abolitionists of slavery, we aim to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into bold conflict with the evil of our age, to abolish it.

We do this by flooding the culture with true propaganda, by calling out to mothers as they enter abortion mills, by standing in public places with signs – by any means permitted by God.  The laws of our land have been turned up-side down; we seek to restore them by agitating the public conscience into action.  Learn more


Perhaps the greatest weight of guilt rests upon us – the churches and Christians of our nation who rest silently while our neighbors and fellow image-bearers are slaughtered down the street.  Fighting abortion is not a special calling; it is the duty of every Christian who claims to follow Jesus.  We the abolitionists of Philly have repented of our apathy, and we are calling other believers and churches in the area to wake up to the abortion holocaust taking place in our city.  Learn more