Get Involved

What can you do to begin fighting abortion in Philadelphia?



The most important thing you can do to become involved in abolition is to join a local abolitionist society.  The abolitionist practices of assistance and agitation can and should be done within the context of Christian community.  This helps us all to share ideas, to be accountable to one another, to prevent us from becoming discouraged in our efforts etc.  The Abolitionist Society of Philadelphia is a collection of several local societies in the greater Philadelphia area, so a good first step would be to tell us about yourself so that we can connect you with a group nearby.



Understanding the principles and biblical foundation of abolition is key to being an effective abolitionist.  The Abolitionism 101 videos make an excellent introduction; they present a thorough overview of the history, practice, and ideology of abolition, setting it in contrast to what is commonly seen in the pro-life movement.  Once you’ve watched through that series, you may want to consider viewing the rest of the All on Fire Conference, and read through the various pages on our site.



We want as many Christians as possible to be thinking about the abortion holocaust in our nation, and how we can be fighting it from a biblical foundation and perspective.  So, one very helpful thing you can do is to spread the ideology of abolition.  This can be as simple as sharing the Abolitionism 101 videos on Facebook or other social media.

A personal touch can be helpful too.  Consider opening your home to other families in your church, to watch and discuss the above videos, and to begin thinking and praying about this issue.  Ask your home fellowship or Bible study group to work through and discuss the videos.  Be creative.  Be prayerful.  Be humble, as you present these ideas to other Christians in your life.



Creating a culture of dissent can take many forms.  One very easy and inexpensive way to agitate the public conscience is to purchase and distribute drop cards.  Drop cards are a small piece of (true) propaganda about the size of a business card that you can “drop” everywhere and anywhere you go, to raise and maintain awareness about this atrocity in our nation.  Be creative – put them anywhere you think another person might look at them.  Here are some common places people leave them:

  • The card slot of ATM machines
  • The card slot of gas pumps
  • Public bathrooms
  • Supermarket shelves



This campaign to end abortion is entirely dependent on the power and providence of God.  Because of this, asking the Lord for His providential favor, in sincerity and in truth, is arguably the most powerful tool we have in the fight.  Prayer, from a heart that is humbly devoted to the Lord, can have an impact far beyond what we often think, as He said to the children of Israel:

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)